Contrarian content that will increase your vertical leap by 9 inches.

Wait, what?

This is bullshit and so can you has a bit of everything. A little pop culture. Awkwardly insightful business advice. NFTs amiright? Okay, no business advice. Data deep dives. Some rants. And a whole lot of bullshit. Read begrudgingly by my mom and my psychologist. Powered by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and the American Dream. 🇺🇸💊

I don’t take anything too seriously, including my own mental health.

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This is bullshit and so can you is like The Wall Street Journal, but with fewer political musings and more dick jokes.” - Rupert Murdock

This is bullshit and so can you is part of our core curriculum.” - ITT Tech

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Amadeus Amadeus
I can largely be characterized as a real life, human man.